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HORROR TEN SPOT: Top 10 Horror Hotties

06.26.2008by: Matt Withers
Just the other day I was clicking through some of the Body Shop articles Mr. Pink is posting each week over at our lovely step sister site MovieHotties.com. It suddenly occurred to me, hey, we like babes here at AITH too!

A lot!

So this week I'm gonna drop some of the loveliest ladies to ever tread the genre stage. Chicas that even the lasses might pull a switch for. The only official qualification is that they must have nudie pics I can link to for the edification of you, the reader, and they must be undeniably HAWT! But extensive genre credits, or some sort of iconic status is certainly helpful.

If I miss your fav beautiful baby then spit bullets so everybody can enjoy the fruits of YOUR blood soaked crush.


Rochon has the dual qualities of probably the longest list of genre credits, maybe in the entire history of film, and a pair of breasts that simply defy natural description. Her slightly rough look also gives fanboys and girls the illusion of accessibility. Add to that a distinct willingness to drop trou like Julianne Moore in a Robert Altman film and you have a recipe for Scary Caliente!


E-Dog is a new millennium entrant on the genre scene, hitting our eyeballs for the first time in the underrated Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Since then she's bounced around in some of those other films, but is coming back to horror strong with the TCM remake, Wrong Turn 2, and upcoming Aussie frightfest The Fury. God bless the young lady.


I gotta be honest here. Quig's has never really done it for me. I don't even think the grave dancing scene is particularly hot. But in an effort to avoid the rabid hate mail that leaving her off the list would likely cause, I'm giving her due in deference to the legions of horror fans who think she's sex on legs. Plus you gotta give props to somebody who has shoved a tube of lipstick into her boobs.


Barbs still has some of her mojo going even now, but back in the day she had guys with names like Carpenter, Romero and Craven knocking on her door. While she's done all sorts of work in a career spanning 30+ years, Adrienne never seems more than a quick step away from her next deviant, deliciously messed up blood-curdler. And admit it, she's getting a little long in the tooth, but you know you'd still love a chance to f*ck her.


Some women are so damn good looking that it's almost impossible to focus on anything else. Unless you're a baller like JimmyO who hugged this goddess at the MTV red carpet and acted like it wasn't no thang. The reality though is with Christa you get a rare instance of inner matching outer beauty. She seems like a genuinely cool person. When you mix that with a sick body and a clear willingness to shed clothes and blood in a deluge of violent cinema, how can you not fall in love?


Maypole has one genre credit that everybody knows her from - Lifeforce. Why is that enough to crack the Top 5? Because she's naked the entire f*cking movie. Not one stitch of clothing ever touches her incredibly awesome, full frontally revealed body. I mean you get every possible angle. It's simply stunningly amazing. And then she kisses dudes and sucks the life out of 'em. Genius.


Yep, Elvira has a real name, red hair, and while the years haven't been totally kind to her, she was a legit, bone-popping hottie in her prime. Her playful mixture of sass, humor, sexiness and good 'ole fashioned love of horror was a rare dish that many have since tried to copy, but nobody has recaptured. She deserves all the respect and lascivious stares she's earned along the way.


The daughter of a horror legend with an attitude that tells you this chick is the real deal when it comes to dangerous sexy, Asia Argento is nothing less than top shelf amongst genre fans. Her twisted psyche, in your face approach to life and aggressive nudity are all best summed up in the angel tattoo she has sitting right over an entrance we'd all love access to. Asia is Asia is Asia. Completely unique and always a little scary since she seems equally likely to f*ck you or kill you. Yummy...kinda.


Nobody is doing a better job of rocking the sexy horror chick career than The Shep. The pic above gives you all the info you need. That mischievous smirk. Those piercing eyes. And the bewbs. Oh yes the bewbs. Of course the real physical home run is her pretty fly for a white girl bootie. But sassy beauty aside, what makes Tiffany really rock is a no BS attitude. Ready to get into some trouble and have more fun than you ever thought possible while doing it? This lass is your lady. And she looks great covered in blood.


Falchi may not be the hottest name you'll ever hear, but damn this woman is probably the most eye melting creature the world has ever produced. It's seriously unfair to have someone this good looking on the planet, because what can you do other than get on your knees and worship her. I'll tell you what you can do. Go rent cult classic Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man), and revel in the most intense, heart-stopping loveliness that horror has ever seen.



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