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02.21.2014by: Jake Dee

Top 10 Terrifying TV Villains!

What are some of your all-time favorite TV villains? Many to choose from, right? Well, with ever-increasing quality of TV shows over the past decade, not to mention the sheer volume of channels, networks and programs to mull over, now may be as fecund a time as there has ever been for television. Ever since The Sopranos and The Wire began painting well-drawn, multifaceted characters that often boast just as many immoralities as virtues, we've seen an absolute boom of rich, complex, character-driven stories finding a home on the small-screen. Real shite friends, we're in a new golden age of TV. Even the major networks are dishing out risky business, be it The Following on Fox or NBC's Hannibal. And that got us to firing the old synapses. What are some of the best villains on the tube right now? We've settled on a Top above to check out who made the cut!


Spitting Bullets
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