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Lutz negotiates NOES

04.24.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
Earlier this week we learned who the new Nancy will be in the Platinum Dunes' reboot of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. (check that scoop out HERE). So I suppose it's only fitting to end the week with one more NOES casting update!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kellan Lutz, star of such fine films as TWILIGHT and PROM NIGHT, is in negotiations to star in NOES to play--get this--a popular school jock. Who would've guessed!

Lutz would join the previously announced Jackie Earle Haley (the new Freddy Krueger), Rooney Mara (the new Nancy), Kyle Gallner, and Thomas Dekker in the film, this time directed by Samuel Bayer. I suppose I'm ok with this casting as long as my one request is granted: that Freddy slaughters the popular jock like it's nobodies business. Otherwise... bleh. Then again, if anyone can play a douche bag, Lutz can!

Stick around for more casting news and updates on NOES, and get ready for even more cool shite as NOES starts filming in Chicago May 5th.

To counter-balance the pic of Lutz. Damn.
Extra Tidbit: Lutz also co-starred with Roddy Piper in THE GHOSTS OF GOLDFIELD, a movie (I'm pretty sure) no one has ever seen.
Source: THR



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