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06.11.2009by: Mike Catalano

"Michael Myers shouldn't be killing for his mommy! That's what Jason does! This is wrong! Whaaaa!" Excuse the whining opening. That's just me summing up the haters of Rob Zombie's decision to include the now-deceased "Deborah Myers" in his version of HALLOWEEN II. I honestly couldn't care less. In fact, it may help give even more interesting insight into the Michael's warped mind (a facet I know many of us really enjoyed in the remake). Yes, yes, I know that sometimes not knowing is even scarier, but we already got that from Carpenter's classic. And who the f*ck wants to see a remake that's an exact replica? Not me.

Anywhoos, the real reason for my little argument stems from the brand new pic up top of young Michael and his mommy. From the trailer and Sheri's ghost-like look, I'm fairly certain that this image is being depicted within some sort of dream sequence going on in ol' Mike's noggin. It's pretty eerie and I'm down with that!

I also dig that pic of Michael below. It's awesome how the color of the sky sort of matches his mask. Just an all-out bad-ass shot. And I'm not trying to kiss up to the flick or any other dumb bullshit. It's just my type of flick and my favorite slasher. Anyone who thinks otherwise can kiss my ass.

Extra Tidbit: Just 78 more days until the August 28th release!
Source: Weinstein Co.



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