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12.26.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

Like you, I'm all fat and happy, coming down from the X-Mas high, and preparing to dive into my new stash of DVDs. Oh yes, it's gonna be a good day. And you know what's gonna make it better? Two new images from this January's MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D, that's what!

We have one of our (presumed) hero, Jensen Ackles, and the other of our presumed killer, the minor with a giant pic-axe. I say presumed, because I don't really know (since I haven't seen it yet). Hell, the two could be the same person, for all I iknow... I guess I'll have to wait till it pops off the big screen next month to find out.

So from me (and Lionsgate) to you, enjoy the new images from MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D, and get ready to have a three dimensional blast in theaters January 16th.

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