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New Night Fare trailer drives home the superlatives

10.16.2015by: Jake Dee

Back in May we caught an international glimpse at the sleek and stylish new thriller NIGHT FARE, from French director Julien Seri. Well, round two can be found below in a new trailer that boasts all kinds of plaudits for the film. Turns out this was a knockout sleeper hit at Fright Fest this year.

Starring Jonathan Howard and Jonathan Demurger:

Luc and his English friend Chris take a taxi to go home after partying hard all evening in Paris. At destination, they run away without paying the fare. They got the wrong driver for this... The taxi goes immediately into hunting mode, chasing them all night, wherever they go. But does he only want his money back?

NIGHT FARE is dated to hit its native land on November 4, 2016. Stay close for further announced release dates.

Extra Tidbit: Kinda looks like DRIVE, no?



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