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Ode to Bay!

07.02.2009by: The Arrow

Working the net for as long as I have, you notice trends; one of them has been the general disdain for certain directors. Namely: Uwe Boll, Paul Anderson, Stephen Sommers and Michael Bay. I have my useless opinion on all of them of course, but I'm here for Bay right now - you heard me - MICHAEL F*CKING BAY.

I personally never understood the often expressed hatred for the man being that he's one of the, if not THE top Hollywood action stylists on the block. Nope, my utter disdain for TRANSFORMERS 2 hasn't tarnished my respect for Bay and what he pulls off when it comes to staging astounding and often goose bump inducing action scenes. Nobody in Hollywood today does grand scale mayhem like The Bay Man (or shoot hot chicks in a manner that makes them look like goddesses) and I figured it was time for AITH to give him some props.

Bay yaps Leatherface with director Marcus Nispel...

As a director my top Bay films would have to be: THE ROCK (his best one according to this jerk - the scene showcased below always sends shivers up my spine), ARMAGEDDON, THE ISLAND and TRANSFORMERS. All entertaining flicks with engaging storylines, razor photography, booming scores and of course eye popping action/destruction sequences. As a producer (via his company Platinum Dunes), dig on remakes or not, nobody can deny that THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and the FRIDAY THE 13TH remakes TOWER in terms of quality over non Bay retellings like ONE MISSED CALL or THE OMEN. So he's doing something right there too.

All that to stab, its called credit where credit is due and The Bay Man doesn't gets enough of it online. So even though his latest flick let me down hardcore like two dogs humping in the dark, I'm still rooting for the lad and am anticipating the next Bay Celluloid Demolition Derby hardcore. In closing, here are some of my FAV BAY DIRECTED ACTION BITS! ENJOY!

THE ROCK (1996)




BAD BOYS II (2003)


Extra Tidbit: Bay should have directed the GI JOE movie - I SAID IT!
Source: AITH



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