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Pacino, Urban, Snow thriller Hangman adds another cast member

11.22.2016by: Brennan Klein
Sarah Shahi Hangman

Johnny Martin's serial killer thriller HANGMAN, which is shooting in Atlanta, has just added a new face to its already jam-packed cast, which includes Brittany Snow, Al Pacino, and Karl Urban.

Joining the ensemble is Sarah Shahi, who isn't quite as big a name as those three, but has certainly been in a cavalcade of big titles, including Person of Interest, OLD SCHOOL, and Alias. She will be playing Captain Lisa Watson.

In HANGMAN, penned by Michael Caissie and Charles Huttinger (SPEAK OF THE DEVIL):

A decorated homicide detective (Pacino) and a criminal profiler (Urban) collaborate to catch a serial killer who’s terrorizing a city with a macabre version of the children’s game Hangman. A crime journalist (Snow) is also shadowing the detectives.

Patriot Pictures' Michael Mendelsohn and Cheyenne Enterprises' Arnold Rifkin are producing.

Extra Tidbit: Are you familiar with Sarah Shahi?
Source: Deadline



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