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Poster and synopsis for Australian horror flick Safe Water 3D

11.06.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Australian start-up production company ScreenLaunch will be bringing the "surfing horror" pic SAFE WATER 3D to AFM this week to interest buyers, and we've got the promo poster and synopsis for the pic. The film pairs producer Ross Howden and director Nathan Christoffel, who previously worked on ERASER CHILDREN.

Here's the plot:

Former surf champion Shelly returns to the sleepy beachside community that saw her grow up before making worldwide headlines. Now disgraced, she braces herself for a small-town backlash. Yet when it comes in an unexpectedly horrific form, Shelly has to wield all of her resources just to survive.

Evidently, the film is poised to be stylistically similar to HALLOWEEN. I always thought that movie needed more surf boards...

There is no cast attached yet, but SAFE WATER doesn't begin shooting until sumer 2014.

Surfs up!

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