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Producer Andrew Form on the status of the Friday the 13th reboot

01.14.2015by: Ryan Miller

Friday the 13th

Platinum Dunes’ FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot (or whatever you want to call it) has been surrounded by a clusterf*ck of rumors for a long, long time now. At one point people actually thought that Jason Voorhees wasn’t even going to make an appearance in his own movie. Well, we were able to put that idea to rest (thankfully) back in August of last year. As far as the status of the movie and when they plan on shooting it, producer Andrew Form had this to say:

“Just working on the script still. Hoping to make that movie this year and Brad, I’m gonna confirm that Jason is in the movie.”

Still working on the script? Hope to shoot it this year? Wait, isn’t this movie supposed to come out in November? While I may not know much about the whole production side of the business, I'm pretty sure that they’d have to get balls deep in Jason’s machete if they still plan on hitting that date. The November 13th release was announced back in May of 2014, so there's a really good chance that has all changed and they just haven't made an announcement. Who knows.

Friday the 13th

Extra Tidbit: What are you hoping to see out of the new FRIDAY THE 13TH?
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