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Promo and sneak peek clip for The Walking Dead ep. 4x14 'The Grove'

03.10.2014by: Kevin Woods

Earlier this morning we brought you our review of last nights episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead", and on tap for ya right now we have a promo and sneak peek clip of next weeks installment titled 'The Grove'. There are only 3 episodes of "The Walking Dead" left this season and things are certainly coming to a head. If you're not caught up on "The Walking Dead" now is the time to set aside a few hours to play catch-up.

"The Walking Dead" ep. 4x14 'The Grove'

“After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to the way they used to be.”

"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday nights on AMC.

"The Walking Dead" ep. 4x14 promo 'The Grove'

"The Walking Dead" ep. 4x14 sneak peek clip

Extra Tidbit: Are you caught up on "The Walking Dead"?



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