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05.11.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
One of the few horror movies coming out to theaters this summer that actually looked pretty cool, and had me wanting more, was the Hilary Swank vehicle THE REAPING. Running around chasing plagues sounded like a good way to spend an uncomfortably hot afternoon, but apparently I'm the only one who felt this way.

We got a heads up that THE REAPING will no longer be a summer release, but a fall one, now scheduled to hit theaters this November. November? Why not October, the month of horror? Or does Warner Bros. think this baby's Oscar-worthy? I mean, Swank is the lead, and she's been nominated enough to ensure a winner. Of course, she also starred in THE CORE, and while I had a good time- it wasn't what you'd call 'Oscar-caliber'.

So who knows the reason- maybe they just needed a little bit more time to polish it up- either way, be sure to mark you calendars and change your plans (if you made any) to check out THE REAPING, starring Swank and her tank top, from this summer to November 8th, 2006.
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