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Remake: Teen Wolf?

06.19.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
Over two years ago word on the street was that the classic Michael J. Fox werewolf in high school movie TEEN WOLF was getting the remake treatment with Tom Welling (SMALLVILLE) to star in the lead role (check it HERE). That has obviously not happened, but reports are surfacing once again that a TEEN WOLF remake is coming...

According to Moviehole, Warner Bros. has currently sent out the remake to writers, and are looking for possibly going in another direction, depending on what kind of scripts they receive back. I think this means it could be a straight-up remake, it could be a sequel, or it could be a hybrid of the two. Hell, it could mean they'll receive a script that's more dark and horror themed than the original. Hey, now that would be kind of cool!

Could be just a rumor, but you know what... it's almost a wonder we haven't seen a TEEN WOLF remake yet. I mean, what a classic 80s comedy, what a classic movie, what solid-gold entertainment. Perfect for the redo starring Zac Efron and a CGI werewolf suite. But this time, I'm sure he'll be in the band and not on the basketball team, so there's room for dance numbers and shit.

To check out the full scoop, click HERE, and get ready for more TEEN WOLF remake updates as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Do we really NEED another TEEN WOLF?
Source: MovieHole



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