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Saw VI rated X

10.22.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
The latest entry in the SAW franchise hits theaters everywhere in North America tomorrow, but in Spain, it'll only hit theaters that mainly feature porn and donkey shows. According to Aullidos, SAW VI has been slapped with a hefty X rating in Spain, the first X rating given to a wide released horror flick like this in the last 20 years!

This could mean a few things for SAW VI. It could mean it's so awesomely violent and gorey that the R rating in the U.S. is pushing it and we'll be in for a nice treat. It could mean that the Spain cut is the 'uncut' version of the film that includes cooler stuff than what we'll get here in the States.

Or it could mean this is Spain's statement to the world that they don't want to see yet another SAW movie come out. Either way, it means that if you're in Spain, and you wanna check out SAW VI, you might have to make it a double feature with PUSSYLAND or DRAG ME TO SEX or whatever other Hollywood title gone porn that happens to be out right now.

SAW VI, rated R in North America, hits theaters everywhere tomorrow.

Update from our man Mario in Spain: Disney which distributes the saw films in Spain took off all the tv ads and posters (was supposed to come out this weekend) and has begun a nasty fight with the Spanish MPPA making headlines all over the news here. The SAW saga has been as succesful here in Spain as in the U.S. which means that if doesn´t get release, Disney will loose lots of money.

Shawnee Smith can get X rated anytime she wants!
Extra Tidbit: Does this change your mind as to whether you'll see SAW VI or not this weekend?
Source: Aullidos



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