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Shawn Levy finds son for Hugh Jackman in Real Steel?

03.15.2010by: Jake Dee

A long while it's been since we had a REAL STEEL update, you know, the robot-boxing picture from DreamWorks set to star Hugh Jackman. Well, after months of undying rumors surrounding who'll play Jackman's onscreen son, it appears that 10 year old Dakota Goyo (right) has been officially tapped to assume the part!

Goyo, a relative newbie, has worked in such films as RESURRECTING THE CHAMP and DEFENDOR, not to mention a spate of various TV shows both stateside and in his native Canada.

REAL STEEL, based on acclaimed author Richard Matheson's short story, follows Jackman as a former boxer in a near-future America where the sport of boxing has been outsourced to robots. Down in the dumps and hoping for a comeback, the fighter-turned-promoter/trainer happens upon a robot in a trash heap that just might hold the key to his future. He then reunites with his estranged son Max, and together the pair must re-patch their relationship as they work on the robot together.

Directed by Shawn Levy (NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM), from a script by Leslie Bohem (THE HORROR SHOW, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 5: THE DREAM CHILD) and John Gatins (COACH CARTER, DREAMER), REAL STEEL films this year for a November 18th release.

Naomi Watts, Jackman's co-star in the upcoming Farrelly Bros. film!

Extra Tidbit: You down with robot boxing or what?
Source: THR



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