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Shutter teaser hits

01.25.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Ugh... That's really the only reaction possible to the teaser for SHUTTER - the latest entry into the J-horror remake sweepstakes. It's almost comical how it announces "From Executive Producers of THE GRUDGE and THE RING" - does that even resonate anymore? The same producers are responsible for those movies' sequels!

The trailer features just about every image you'd expect from a tired genre like this (yes, ominous long-haired Asian girls abound). Oh, and let's not leave out the obvious fact that the voice-over is ripped straight from the WHITE NOISE preview. Even the "big" moment featuring a ghostly chick's tongue inspires nothing but nodding off... Ah anyway - HERE IT IS!!

SHUTTER, directed by Masayuki Ochiai, is about a young couple (Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor) on their honeymoon in Tokyo who begin to see ghostly images in their photos... No doubt, they should turn off their cellphones and disconnect the internet while they're ahead.

It comes out March 21.

Source: MTV



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