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Silent Night director Steven C. Miller is a Scavenger

11.29.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Director Steven C. Miller, who has had a helluva busy year with THE AGGRESSION SCALE, SILENT NIGHT and the upcoming UNDER THE BED all under his belt in quick succession, has lined up his next picture, a kidnapping thriller called SCAVENGER.

According to Variety, SCAVENGER centers on a woman who must race against time to save her kidnapped daughter from a sadistic game-master. She is up against a man facing similar circumstances.

Sounds like there's some potential for solid thrills; hell, whenever you throw a child in danger, you're heading in the right direction. (Hope the authorities don't read that the wrong way.)

The indie flick was written by LOVELY MOLLY co-writer Jamie Nash along with Bradley Paul, while Vigilante Entertainment will produce. Hopefully we can see something from SCAVENGER late next year.

Extra Tidbit: Miller's first film was the low, low-budget zombie flick AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION.
Source: Variety



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