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09.05.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
For many of you, the fact that they're making a film based on the graphic novel 30 DAYS OF NIGHT has made your year, and even your decade. You can't wait to see what director David Slade will produce, and at the very least, you're curious to see whether Josh Hartnett and Melissa George (right) will live up to the comic and do a rockin' job.

While the film's a ways away from being released, Ghost House Pictures have a slew of Webisodes on their

Go ahead and click HERE to check out all the goodness- there's about 4 video clips right now- and I'm sure they'll just keep adding more as production rages on. The coolest part? In this clip, Slade’s in his office with a poster of EVIL DEAD 2 chillin' in the background. Now how cool is that??

Hopefully this will hold you over, because 30 DAYS OF NIGHT is aiming to hit theaters next October (bring on Halloween 2007!).
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