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Take a look at yet another featurette for Breck Eisner's The Crazies

02.26.2010by: Jake Dee

You get a chance to become one of THE CRAZIES yet today?

Regardless if your answer is yes or no, we've just stuck our claws in yet another cool behind-the-scenes featurette from the flick. I say regardless because the clip shouldn't spoil the flick for those who haven't seen it, at the same time should offer some pretty cool insight to those who have...and liked it (which can't be said for our main pimp The Arrow).

In what seems like a visceral public promo event, fans and press people get to comingle with the stars of the film, the director, the crew...all to get a first hand feel of what it was like to not only make the movie, but how it would seem if you were a character in the film. It's a full-fledged exhibition of sorts, replete with visual FX stunts, fire-lighting (people ablaze, that is), makeup FX...everything us casual fans would wanna see if we were on set.

Or, as director Breck Eisner puts it: "It's like a comic who does a routine before the mainline goes up...you know...pumping everybody to get set."

Of course, my favorite part isn't the pyrotechnics per se, it's the combustible heat of one Danielle Panabaker who only seems to get better looking each day. Oh, and that Radha Mitchell's now slouch on the eyes either!

In theaters today (Feb. 26th), THE CRAZIES is about the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply. Timothy Olyphant, Joe Anderson, John Aylward, Joe Reegan, Preston Bailey, Brett Rickaby, Christie Lynn Smith, Larry Cedar, and the aforementioned lookers all star in the film.

Let's go behind-the-scenes!

Cutie-Pie Danielle Panabaker!

Extra Tidbit: For those who've seen this version of THE CRAZIES, how does it stack up to Romero's 1973 original?
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