The Craft screenwriter Peter Filardi revisits witches with Magicus

Screenwriter Peter Filardi has sold a pitch to Dreamworks Pictures entitled MAGICUS, which will find him writing about witches again twenty years after he co-wrote THE CRAFT with director Andrew Fleming.

Described as "a supernatural family thriller", MAGICUS is 

about a hard-working single mother and daughter who stumble into a suburban war of witches.

The idea is to capture "the spirit of an Amblin film" with this one. That's a goal a lot of projects have had recently, most notably JJ Abrams' SUPER 8, and having grown up watching Amblin movies I'm all for it.

Hopefully MAGICUS will also capture some of the appeal of THE CRAFT, a fun movie that remains quite popular to this day. Its level of popularity is almost surprising to me, as I haven't watched it many times since it first reached VHS, but I must admit that there's something about it that sticks in my head.

Filardi's genre work also includes 1990's FLATLINERS and 2000's RICKY 6, which unfortunately never received an official release.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of THE CRAFT?
Source: Variety



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