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The Descent 3??

03.26.2008by: Eric Walkuski

WARNING - this article may contain spoilers concerning the next DESCENT film(s)...

We haven't even gotten into THE DE2CENT (unfortunately SE7EN is still making us pay for its unique spelling) but apparently the powers-that-be are already preparing for a third entry into the "franchise"! Bloody Disgusting got a hold of a casting sheet for the second film, which is just getting ready to go into production, and the following was revealed:

One of the characters in this new entry is DEPUTY ELLEN RIOS - Hispanic, 30's - and whoever wins the role will be signing up for TWO films... I guess we know who survives this second go-round, eh?

Meanwhile, THE DE2CENT is being directed by Jon Harris (editor of the first film), from a screenplay written by James Watkins. It immediately follows the events of the first film, with the only survivor of those events ("Sarah", played by Shauna McDonald) re-entering the caves, along with some new unlucky bastards... More news should trickle in as we approach May - when the film is slated to begin shooting.



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