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This final trailer for The Shallows is only the beginning

06.08.2016by: Brennan Klein
The Shallows Blake Lively

This final trailer for THE SHALLOWS is honestly pretty terrific. A contemplative solo piece for Blake Lively, it's overscored by a speech about the necessity of self-reliance that becomes pretty vital in the light of an attack by a particularly ravenous shark. It doesn't spoil the film, it's just a piece that reflects tone and mood in a simple, satisfying way. Who knew a shark movie could get such loving marketing? Check it out below!

Written by Tony Jaswinski and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, THE SHALLOWS centers on:

a young woman who is dealing with the recent death of her mother. While surfing on an isolated beach, she gets stranded 20 yards off shore on a buoy. What lies between her and the shore is a huge great white shark. 

THE SHALLOWS surfaces in theatres on June 24th.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever seen a shark in the wild?



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