Cool Horror Videos: Marine scientist watches shark attack scenes from movies

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

This Vanity Fair video showed up in my YouTube recommendations, and it turned out to be so cool that I decided to pass along the recommendation to our readers here at Arrow in the Head. In the video embedded above, a real life marine scientist watches and reviews various shark-related scenes from several different movies.

Apryl Boyle is the scientist in question, and what I really appreciated about the video is the fact that she doesn't judge the movies too harshly for presenting sharks in an unrealistic way. She's a shark conservationist and will point out what the movies got wrong, but clearly understands that this is all just fiction for entertainment purposes.

For example, it's unfortunate that JAWS made so many people terrified of sharks, even source material author Peter Benchley regrets that his story is responsible for stirring up so much fear of these creatures, but Boyle is also a fan of the movie, as it's what inspired her to become a marine scientist in the first place.

So if you want to hear what a shark expert has to say about scenes in JAWS, DEEP BLUE SEA, FINDING NEMO, COUPLES RETREAT, THE MEG, an episode of Baywatch, THE SHALLOWS, OPEN WATER, and BAIT, check out the video embedded above.

Source: YouTube

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