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Top 10: Tarantino bits #1

04.12.2007by: Serena Whitney

With the release of the much anticipated film, Grindhouse, I thought I would do a top ten on my favorite director, Mr.Quentin Tarantino.

Since I was little, I have been enamored with everything Quentin Tarantino has ever written and directed. (Yes, I'm aware of the fact I was WAY too young to even watch his films.) From his out of sequence plot lines, witty dialogue, fictional commercial products, pop culture references, obligatory unanswered mysteries, and his ability to turn has-beens into A-list stars, Quentin has been able to win over regular moviegoers, fanboys/girls, and well respected critics with his highly acclaimed films and hard work.

Although, it's hard to narrow down the most noteworthy moments from all of his films, (I can probably name ten from each movie he's done.) there are a few that do stand out from the rest. (To me at least) Here are my top ten most memorable scenes and sequences from the films directed by the man who is responsible for my passion of film and writing in the first place.


10. Sin City - Dwight/Jackie Boy car bit

Although Quentin Tarantino only directed one scene in Robert Rodriguez's film, true fans immediately spotted the scene. The scene with Dwight (Clive Owen) having a conversation with a dead Jackie Boy (Bencio Del Toro) in the front seat of his car had a very Q.T-esque feel to it. (The neck bit was quite impressive.) The fact that he only filmed the scene for one dollar proves not only his loyalty to best friend, Robert Rodriguez, but also his absolute love for film. (Shooting a scene for a buck? That's gotta be love!)

9. Reservoir Dogs - Breakfast scene

The opening of Reservoir Dogs I can watch over and over again. I love everything about the scene. From Mr. Brown's (Quentin Tarantino) dissection of Madonna's "Like a Virgin," (Now everytime I hear that song, I think she's talking about big d*ck.) to Mr. Pink's ignorant views of not tipping waitresses. (Although he did make some good points, I wanted to slap him.) The opening for the film was just as clever as it was funny and contrasted perfectly with the dark and serious scenes that were to follow after the opening credits.

8. From Dusk Till Dawn - Opening

Although, this film was only written by Mr. Tarantino, (it was directed by Robert Rodriguez) one can tell Quentin had a lot of creative control during the scene where Seth (George Clooney) and Ritchie (Quentin Tarantino) have a shoot out in the liquor store. It was an outstanding and tension-filled scene. The audience is also introduced to Sheriff Earl McGraw, (played by Michael Parks) who is later seen in Kill Bill Volume 1 and Grindhouse. If you are fan of this film, you will know that both the events in Kill Bill and Grindhouse must take place before the events in From Dusk ‘til Dawn, for sheriff Mcgraw meets his demise in the opening sequence.

7. Kill Bill 2 - Elle and I

I'm going to be honest when I say that I'm not the biggest fan of Kill Bill Volume 2. The high-paced action scenes from the previous volume were absent (and severely missed) from the way too dialogue driven second volume. However, Quentin did please his fans with the infamous trailer fight scene between Beatrix (Uma Thurman) and Elle Driver. (Daryl Hannah) It amazed me as to how he directed the film's most exciting scene from such an enclosed space. He also provided his devoted fans with yet another unanswered mystery as to the fate of Elle Driver. (My theory is that the Black mamba snake took care of her...but that's just me!)

6. Four Rooms - The Man from Hollywood

Despite the fact this film received poor reviews, I freaking loved it! My favorite short in the anthology film was Quentin Tarantino's "The Man from Hollywood." (Tied with Robert Rodriguez's "The Misbehavers") In the short, Ted the bellhop (played by Tim Roth) is offered a thousand dollars by big time actor, Chester (played by Q.T) if he would cut his friend's finger off if he couldn't light his zippo ten times in a row for a bet. The end result is quite hysterical, and if you haven't already seen the film, I'd suggest you do so soon.


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