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Trailer & poster for John Rebel's man vs. wilderness thriller Bear

Apr. 14, 2010by: Jake Dee

Can a film title get more high concept than BEAR?

Regardless of your answer, there's no denying the rising popularity of animalistic horror. Whether it's the recent run of 3D water terror, the current werewolf craze, terrible CGI birds running amok, whatever...the man vs. wild beast paradigm is in full effect these days. And freshly added to the list is John Rebel's feature debut BEAR, for which we have the initial trailer underneath!

Written by Roel Reine (DRIFTER, DEADWATER) and Ethan Wiley (DEADWATER, HOUSE) - BEAR centers on: Two young couples are driving through a remote forest when their car breaks down. When a run-in with a curious grizzly bear ends up with the bear being shot to death, the bear's mate arrives on the scene and vengefully attacks their van. The couples are trapped inside the disabled car and must come up with clever ways to survive. As they battle the surprisingly intelligent creature, and contemplate their uncertain fate, secrets begin to emerge that threaten to tear the group apart before the bear does.

Like I said, a high mothaf*ckin concept, folks! For my money though, you'll be hard pressed to ever find a better killer-bear picture than David Mamet's THE EDGE. But hey, I have to admit, this does look and sound pretty damn fun!

BEAR, which strangely hits The Netherlands June 1st, stars Katie Lowes, Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, Patrick Scott Lewis, Brendan Michael Coughlin and Bill Rampley.

Nab a look at the poster and trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: Aside from JAWS, what's your favorite man vs. animal horror/thriller?
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Spitting Bullets
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2:01PM on 04/15/2010
As long as it's better than Grizzly Park...
As long as it's better than Grizzly Park...
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