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Trick 'r Treat in L.A.

09.16.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
Michael Dougherty's Halloween orientated horror flick TRICK 'R TREAT has been on our radars since... forever, it seems like, and today we have some news that is a definite plus in getting the film a full release (whether that be theatrical or STD).

The horror film fest SCREAMFEST '08 has announced that TRICK 'R TREAT will be having its premiere at the festival in Los Angeles on Friday, October 10th! That's right, after month... years.. of delays, of giving us a release date then yanking it away--it appears that TRICK will be seeing the light of day. Yippie!

Even bigger YIPPIE if you live in the L.A. / Hollywood area, as the screening will be held at Grauman’s Theatre in Hollywood, followed by a Q&A of the film with Dougherty himself! Cool beans!

Questions I'd like to know right off the bat--how come it's taken SO LONG for TRICK to make it to the big screen? Why is Warner Bros. dicking this picture around? Why did they tease us with the 'first look' on the 300 DVD? Oh the questions I would ask... if I were able to attend!

For more information on the SCREAMFEST HORROR FILM FESTIVAL, check out their OFFICIAL WEBSITE and pray that this TRICK 'R TREAT premiere follows through.

Source: Screamfest



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