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TV Review: The Arrow's take on Bates Motel S2, Episode #10

05.06.2014by: The Arrow

EPISODE 10: The Immutable Truth

CHECKING IN: Sheriff "King Shit" Romero (Nestor Carbonell) and Dylan (Max Thieriot) save Norman (Freddie Highmore) from the box he was locked in, Zane (Michael Eklund) is taken care of old school while Norman (Freddie Highmore) deals with his new self awareness in terms of being a "psycho"... badly...

THE ROOM:  And we check out of Bates Motel Season 2 with style and a couple of back-hands! Damn I loved last night's episode! First, it proved me wrong a couple of times which I always appreciate. It's nice to watch something that actually manages to surprise me. So yeah, although I didn't want to believe it, I now accept it: Norman killed Miss Watson (How/when did that second sperm sample get in there though? It bothers me) and teenage Norman is now aware that he also killed his abusive father. The lad's murderous side is out of the bag no matter how much Norma tries to push him to adopt her "repress everything" method of survival. And I can't wait to see how they build on that in Season 3. 

I had also had predicted that crazy haired Zane (Michael Eklund) would last the Season and I was wrong there again. I loved how Dylan and Romero took care of him action buddy picture style! It made for a mucho enthralling scene. I'm kind of going to miss Zane though. Michael Eklund was so out-there in the role! He was very entertaining to watch. On top of that, even Dylan's mounting love interest Jody (played by the lovely Kathleen Robertson) checked out! I kept waiting for them to do something interesting with her character and her courtship with Dylan all season, I guess not, she got nipped in the bud before that could happen. And it's probably for the best. That whole drug subplot was the show's weakest link until they tied it back to the Bates family in the last couple of episodes. And now with Dylan pretty much in line to be the drug ring top-dog of White Pine Bay  (hand picked by Romero in yet another riveting scene); I can only see that subplot get the kick in the ass it needed for down the road.  

Moreover, last night's episode was filled with emotionally charged scenes, demanding an A Game from its actors (who always deliver an A game, one of this show's main strengths, along with the clever/potent writing). The Norman wants to commit suicide angle, with his odd to-do list (nice touch with that stuffed sparrow), which culminated with Norma expressing her complete co-dependency on Norman was tragic, moving and creepy. The same went for the "way too long for its own good" kiss that mother and son shared together. Talk about making me feel uneasy! At the same time, if I forgot for a micro second that they were mother and son, it was a nice kiss between two people who depend on each other and love each other in a unhealthy way. I said "if" I forgot...lol! At the end of the day though a boy's best friend is his mother right? ;) 

But the scene that actually moved me the most was the one between Norma and Dylan, where once again Norma used her love as some type of reward, one that it seems Dylan finally earned. Vera Farminga was simply amazing as usual but it was Max Thieriot's performance that got to me here. His character's feelings were conveyed in an internal fashion yet I could sense everything Dylan was going through via his body language and his eyes. Wow. What a riveting showcase! Kudos Thieriot! On her end Emma (Olivia Cooke) seemed to be getting back in the spotlight a tad. They didn't do much with her this Season, stoner boyfriend subplot aside and I was sure the show was fading her out, but here, they pulled her back in, setting her up for more shenanigans to come in the next Season. Phew!

Lastly, I am sure I am not the only one that picked up the PSYCHO references on display. Like the scene with Mother in her rocking chair or that final frame which echoed the iconic final shot of Hitchcock's PSYCHO. I got fanboy waves washing over me when Norman looked straight at us at the end. Well played Bates Motel team! WELL PLAYED!

In closing, although the Bates Motel Season 2 finale didn't end with a cliffhanger as I expected it to, it did leave us with a new sturdy base, one to build on come Season 3. Season 2 was pretty solid on a whole if you ask me and you can count me in for the next one! Till then, see ya in Room #1 Bates fans! Lets party!

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I keep feeling that Emma will die in Season 3. Am I alone?

Even though Norman passed the Polygraph test, I don't think Romero was fully convinced. What do you think?

I liked that Norma had bought tickets to Montreal, Canada, which is my home town. It made me smile.

I expect to see more of Christine (Rebecca Creskoff) and George (Michael Vartan) in Season 3 and I predict that they will become more prominent villains.





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