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Twisted Tortured again

09.26.2008by: Eric Walkuski

We have some new info regarding Twisted Pictures' (the SAW movies) long-untitled revenge thriller. It was once known as TORTURED, then went the "untitled" route for quite a while, as they scrambled to put a clever name to this thing even as it began casting and crewing up. Well, they've finally come up with a something damn eye-catching: THE TORTURED. See, that's a lot better.

We also have a fleshed out synopsis, thanks for the Bloody Disgusting boys: The perfect marriage of Craig and Elise Landry is suddenly shattered when their young son is abducted and murdered. When the killer is brought to trial, he manages to plea bargain his way to a lighter sentence. Utterly outraged by this miscarriage of justice, the grieving parents decide to take matters into their own hands. They capture the murderer, imprison him and subject him to the same monstrous acts he perpetrated upon their defenseless child. The unforeseen consequences, however, challenge their ideas of vengeance, justice and the true nature of evil.

THE TORTURED stars Jesse Metcalfe, Erika Christensen (below), and Bill Moseley (as the killer of course!). (Charlie Sheen was once attached!) Rob Lieberman (FIRE IN THE SKY) is directing the thriller, which is now in production in Vancouver.

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