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Wild Fading of Cries trl.

08.26.2009by: Mike Catalano
Wow and What the f*ck?! were two of the phrases that came to mind after viewing the brand new trailer for a film I've never heard of before called FADING OF THE CRIES. It's a strange yet awesome title to one strange but awesome-looking movie. I don't know if it comes off as cheesy or epic or cool as hell (perhaps all three?). But I do know that I had to share it with my AITH peeps to get their own opinions.

The trailer is posted directly below. I urge you to click on it to sort of get a grasp on what the hell I'm trying to say. You're going to witness freaky-looking demons and minions, kick-ass swordplay, hordes of undead, some nice gore, and a crazy evil Brad Dourif. Just take a gander at the plot: A young man armed with a deadly sword, saves a teenage girl named Sarah from a malevolent evil that has begun plaguing a small farmland town, while in search of an ancient necklace that had belonged to Sarah’s Uncle. The two set out to get to Sarah's home safely, running through streets, fields, churches and underground tunnels, while being pursued by hordes of demonic creatures.

Yes, it really is as wild as it sounds. CRIES was written and directed by Brian Metcalf and in addition to Dourif, stars Thomas Ian Nicholas (JOHN CARPENTER'S VAMPIRES), Mackenzie Rosman, Lateef Crowder, Hallee Hirsh, Elaine Hendrix, and Jessica Morris. It's looking to release some time in 2010.

Extra Tidbit: Brad Dourif is back in this Friday's HALLOWEEN II. Can't wait!
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