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Will Amber Heard become Subject 6 in upcoming indie thriller?

04.30.2012by: Andy Madrzak

SUBJECT 6 is a psychological thriller currently in pre-production at Vital Pictures. If latest rumors are to be believed, the flick might soon score itself a leading lady with Amber Heard (pictured above and below), whom you may know from such movies as THE WARD, DRIVE ANGRY, ZOMBIELAND and ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE. Bloody Disgusting managed to nab the inside scoop on the film, written and soon-to-be-directed by James Seda.

Here's the preliminary plot synopsis:

Sealed in an isolation room under constant surveillance, a psychology student, believing she’s a paid participant in a month-long behavioral study, starts to believe she’s actually a prisoner who must escape before she loses her mind.

In addition, the story is said to draw inspiration from cult classics like THE MATRIX, CUBE and DARK CITY. We'll gladly wait and see how the project develops.




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