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Wolfman site launched

12.30.2009by: Jake Dee

Sad to say it, but Joe Johnston's THE WOLFMAN has been nipped and tucked more than Joan Rivers. No matter though, with Del Toro in the lead and Anthony Hopkins keeping him in line, I'm still more than down to see the damn thing when it ravages theaters February 12th. And to keep the interest alive and well, the Official Site for the flick has just launched (scope it HERE)!

We all know about the much publicized production woes the flick has undergone, but let's give the film's pedigree the benefit of the doubt, shall we. I mean, with that cast, writing from Andrew Kevin Walker (SE7EN, SLEEPY HOLLOW), and makeup from 6-time Oscar winner Rick Baker - we should be in good hands. The only wild card (a giant card, admittedly) is director Joe Johnston, whose prior credits include HIDALGO, JURASSIC PARK III and JUMANJI. Big yes, but good?

Universal's launch of the website is quite opportune, as a full moon hits tomorrow night. Inside, you'll not only find a trailer for the film, you can read all kinds of history about lycanthropes, including a link to Universal's Monster Legacy arm which canvases the studio's classic monster history. Pretty cool shite!

As we're sure you know, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, Geraldine Chaplin, Art Malik, Kiran Shah, Elizabeth Croft, David Sterne and Sam Hazeldine round out the support.

Don't wait, check the site out ASAP!

Extra Tidbit: Ms. Blunt sure does look lonely in that big, empty room!
Source: Official Site



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