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X-Files 2 Confirmed!

10.31.2007by: PJ Germain
If you've waited your entire life to see the sequel to the less than stellar X-FILES movie, then your wait will soon come to a happy ending. Finally, after years of talk, 20th Century Fox has confirmed X-FILES 2 for release on July 28th, 2008.

Arrow in the Head got the scoop that the film reunites David Duchovny with Gillian Anderson. It will be directed by series creator Chris Carter and was co-written with Frank Spotnitz. Spotnitz also co-wrote the first feature film. Fox had this to say:

In grand “X-Files” manner, the as yet untitled film’s storyline is being kept under wraps, known only to top studio brass and the film’s principals. This much can be revealed: The supernatural thriller is a stand-alone story in the tradition of some of the show’s most acclaimed and beloved episodes, and takes the always-complicated relationship between Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Anderson) in unexpected directions. Mulder continues his unshakable quest for the truth, and Scully, the passionate, ferociously intelligent physician, remains inextricably tied to Mulder’s pursuits.

As vague as that is right now, I am excited! Though the first film was a big let down, I was a huge fan of seasons 1-4, the rest sort of fell apart. Heres to hoping that Duchovny, Anderson, Carter and Spotnitz can bring it back and do it well.



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