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XXXombies movie?

03.31.2009by: Jared Pacheco
So it seems the going trend is to throw hot chicks together with some of the genre's favorite monsters and you have yourself a winner. XXXOMBIES follows along those exact lines.

What's XXXOMBIES you ask? Well it's a comic series from Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Kieron Dwyer dealing with zombies battling porn stars. Oh yeah, you read that right. Now why am I telling you about this? Because this bad boy is heading to the big screen!

That's the good word coming from MTV, who recently caught up with Remender to talk a bit about the potentiel film. While Remender could neither confirm or deny any studio involvement he did talk a little about the script:

Right now I’m writing a screenplay for ‘XXXombies’ with [series co-creator] Kieron Dwyer. The transition was smooth, because I took the script that I did and then Kieron and I broke it down into a treatment and did three or four passes to get the story perfect, and now it’s just a matter of breaking the treatment down and copying bits of dialogue from the comic script, rewriting, and new dialogue. I already know the characters and I know the story so the process is going very smoothly. We should be finished with the screenplay by the end of this month.”

Awesome. The film will center on an adult film’s cast and crew fighting for their lives during a zombie invasion. I'm already hooked. That's all the info we have for now regarding the XXXOMBIES film but be sure to keep it here for updates as we hear more!

I love porn stars.

Extra Tidbit: Zombie strippers, Porn stars battling zombies or lesbian vampire killers? Choices.
Source: MTV



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