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Zombie video game Dead Island already being eyed for a big screen adaptation?!

02.20.2011by: Jared Pacheco
So I know you guys dug that trailer we told you about the other day. You know, the one for that upcoming zombie video game DEAD ISLAND. How do I know you saw it? Well because that shite spread across the internet like wild fire!

Not only did that trailer make it onto various websites, including AITH, but within a couple days of it's release the Facebook page already has over 60,000 members and there's already talk of a DEAD ISLAND flick! Hot damn the damage a trailer can do. To be fair the trailer was pretty boss though...

So I'm here today to talk to you all about this DEAD ISLAND movie talk that's suddenly popped up. The guys over at Deadline New York got the word today that Hollywood is all over this shite! Apparently Sean Daniel Company's Sean Daniel and Jason Brown and Union Entertainment's Richard Leibowitz and Dmitri Johnson can predict the future because the foursome had already bought the screen rights to DEAD ISLAND a year ago. So now let's just say the world is their sandbox.

The producers are currently being made offers from various studios and agencies about getting a DEAD ISLAND film off the ground, suggesting talent packages and story lines to try and make a screen deal. That's expected to happen sometime within the next couple weeks. Now the film is apparently going to follow a MEMENTO-like storyline but it's being said the video game won't.

So there's the bee's knees of what we've got so far. Now as I said a deal is expected to happen very soon so as soon as that shite is finalized we'll tell you about it! And about the video game that sparked all this... It's due out this November!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone remember that zombie game for the PC called FLESH FEAST? That shite was actually pretty entertaining.
Source: Deadline



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