24 movie delays

"24" always seemed to me like one of the few TV series that would be fit for the big screen. All this talk about SIMPSONS movies and "Sex and the City" movies seems like lame attempts to cash in on devoted fans. But "24" is a show that I wish was on HBO in the first place, partly because it seems so odd that a guy as intense as Jack Bauer is reduced to the trademark dammit!, as opposed to motherf*cker!, which seems so much more, you know, Bauerlike. Keifer Sutherland recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about the movie and had this to say: "The writers have finished the screenplay...So many things have to happen between now and May, when we would like to shoot the film. It's something we're certainly striving for." Sounds optimistic but then word from Ain't It Cool about the cast and crew's appearance on "Larry King Live" last night seems to hint that the movie might not happen until the series wraps, which likely wouldn't be for another three seasons. Boo-urns. And knowing there is going to be a movie and three more seasons of "24" kinda takes the suspense out of the current season no? Bauer will never be in harms way cause he has to survive to star in the movie. Either way, I'm pumped up for the new season, which starts this Sunday, goes two hours and then continues with two more hours on Monday.



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