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Feb. 20, 2002by: Mike Sampson

Got an interesting e-mail from the guys over at the Animated Movies website. Turns out they've got official word from PDI (Pacific Data Imaging), who handles the CGI animation for DreamWorks Animation, on their upcoming release slate. Here's what the guys had to say:

"TUSKER (starring Jodie Foster and Morgan Freeman, which was originally scheduled for Christmas 2002) is currently on-hold since the stories for both SHREK 2 and MADAGASCAR are more developed and ready for production (we're doing both movies right now). You'll see SHREK 2 in theatres around Memorial Day 2004 and MADAGASCAR about six months later. TUSKER's date is TBD."

Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jason Alexander and Madonna will lend their voices to MADAGASCAR, the tale of a hippo, giraffe, a lion and a zebra who are set free from the Central Park zoo only to find life on the outside conflicting with their, as to yet, pampered lifestyles.

Source: Animated Movies
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