A seven figure bidding war for the rights to...a Family Circus movie?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but even I can still be taken off guard when I hear the things they're turning into movies these days. Comic strips? Fine. I'm half surprised there hasn't been a live-action Dilbert movie already. But The Family Circus? Really?

The single panel, overly family friendly strip has long been described as people who are a fan of actual humor as the bane of the funny pages. Here's an example of why, in case you are unfamiliar:

What? Cause they both have humps? Is that the joke?

In any case, Fox paid seven figures for the rights to the series to turn it into a feature film. Hopefully it won't be a bunch of creepy CGI cartoon children, but I don't think this humor is going to effectively translate into a good feature film. It doesn't even translate into a good comic strip.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone who can keep a strip this lame going for this long MUST have some kind of fanbase I suppose.
Source: Deadline



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