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A Single Man trailer


Surely you, the average high-stylin’ JoBlo reader will know who Tom Ford is. The world famous fashion designer responsible for the turnaround of Gucci in the ‘90s who is biting Keira Knightley's ear on that Vanity Fair cover? Yeah I thought so.

Well anyway, the man is now expanding his life’s ambitions into directing, and this is a trailer for his first feature film, A SINGLE MAN, which is alredy garnering praise at the few festivals it’s shown at. The movie stars Colin Firth, Juliannne Moore, Matthew Goode, Ginnifer Goodwin and Nicolas Hout, and if you can manage to tell me just what the hell is going on in this trailer, you win a prize.

I may not have any idea what’s happening here, but I like it. Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: I think there’s an inverse rule between how good your trailer is and the amount of talking in it.
Source: JoBlo



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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