Antonio Banderas to direct and star in Solo

Antonio Banderas can do many things. Besides his acting and powers of seduction, Banderas also directs.

You're probably not surprised.

Especially if you've ever seen CRAZY IN ALABAMA with his wife Melanie Griffith in the lead. That kid from SLING BLADE is in it, as well as Meatloaf. The movie wasn't terrible, it just wasn't memorable. Not that a movie has to be, but it's just one of those that you'd forget unless you were writing an article about its director.

He also did a semi-autobiographical coming of age flick called SUMMER RAIN in 2006.

Now he's decided to helm another film titled SOLO. It's a, "psychological thriller with sci-fi touches turning on a Spanish colonel suffering post-conflict trauma." Banderas will also take on the lead role of the colonel. Those are really the only details on it. Erik Jendresen who wrote a few episodes of BAND OF BROTHERS penned the screenplay.

The film will use all Spanish actors, yet will shoot in English in order to reach a larger audience. Production begins next year.

Extra Tidbit: Antonio Banderas love doll anyone?
Source: Variety



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