Aronofsky on Robocop?

Buried in an article about Joss Whedon's next project, The Hollywood Reporter casually mentions that MGM is working on its remake of ROBOCOP and has even had Darren Aronofsky in to "discuss" directing the project. I think I speak for everyone when I say wha-wha-WHAT?! Darren Aronofsky directing a ROBOCOP remake? One part of me is kinda intrigued because if Aronosfky even went in to talk to MGM, he must've had a pretty fresh take on the material. But then there's another rather sizable portion of me that doesn't want Aronofsky working on a ROBOCOP remake. Call me a cynic but as fresh as a ROBOCOP remake could be, it's still ROBOCOP. And there's nothing wrong with that and it's certainly enjoyable on some level. But I want to enjoy a Darren Aronofsky movie. THE FOUNTAIN was hated on many levels by critics but I loved it and it proved to me that Aronofsky is one of the best directors we have working. Now before we all jump to conclusions, let's remember that people take meetings all the time in Hollywood and perhaps this was just Aronosfky doing someone a favor and coming in to hear what MGM was selling. Recently Mark Wahlberg said that shooting on THE FIGHTER (with him and Matt Damon starring for Aronofsky) would begin this fall. Aronofsky is already busy wrapping up THE WRESTLER so it already looks as if he's pretty busy and I know MGM is hot to trot with ROBOCOP. I put in a call to Aronofsky's offices and if I hear anything back, I'll update the article accordingly...

Extra Tidbit: RoboCop for the original Game Boy was the shit.



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