Ashley Greene can melt Butter

You might know Ashley Greene from the Twilight films, but being that this is JoBlo.com, you most likely know her for simply having exquisite breasts. (See Exhibit B below.)

Are they like butter, though? I regrettably have no idea, but Greene will be starring in the film BUTTER (what a segue!) alongside fellow melters Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson, as well as the recently announced Rob Corddry.

According to THR's Risky Business blog, the satirical comedy based off newcomer Jason Micallef's 2008 Black List script "follows a number of competitive characters in a small Midwestern town as they become entwined in an annual butter-carving contest." Garner will play the lead - an Iowa woman who attempts to win the butter-carving title, only to be thwarted by a young black girl. Greene will play "a rebellious high school teenager named Kaitlen Pickler."

BUTTER, from director Jim Field Smith (SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE) is set to begin production in Louisiana next week.
Extra Tidbit: I present to you, Exhibit C.



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