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The live-action show Batman Live gets a teaser trailer


You guys remember us telling you about BATMAN LIVE? The live action arena tour that includes some of your favorite Bats characters? Well, thanks to Total Film, we have a teaser trailer for the show.

I'm not going to lie and obviously you can disagree, but watching this makes me feel 8 again. I'm like, "WOW! I need to tell my parents about this fast! This may be the best thing to ever happen!" I think this would be something cool to take your kiddo to. What's better than getting to see Batman in action? The tour starts off in the UK. Those of us in the states don't get to see the show until next year. It was thought that Geoff Johns would be scripting the show, but that isn't the case. He will over see aspects of it due to the fact that he is Chief Creative Officer for DC Comics. Plus, it has his seal of approval.

Here's the plot of BATMAN LIVE straight from Johns:

"We want to bring out a whole other level to Batman by looking at Robin's journey from a circus performer to an orphan after his parents are killed, to a superhero. Batman lost his parents, but he can cope with his pain and owns it. Then he sees this boy and it reopens all those wounds. Robin's journey very much brings up Bruce Wayne's journey. [...] I think very much that Robin brings out a whole new level to Batman. I actually think it is more about Bruce Wayne and Batman than almost any story."

Extra Tidbit: Kind of looks like Poison Ivy's mom, and where is my blonde Harley Quinn?
Source: Total Film



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