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Behold the first set photo from the Star Trek sequel!


It's hard to contain my excitement for the STAR TREK sequel (let's call it STAR TREK 2 for now). JJ Abrams has been teasing the timing of this thing forever. The guy is a hot commodity so I wasn't surprised that he didn't immediately start on this. It's also sometimes a smart move creatively. I'd rather wait a couple of years on a sequel then have someone spit some shitty storyline out just to make more money.

There's currently no plot but the newest cast members are an interesting group to bring to the table: Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve, Noel Clarke, and Peter Weller. Everything from DOCTOR WHO to SHERLOCK to ROBOCOP-- good mix.

The first photo from the set makes me feel like a kid on Christmas day. One of the screenwriters, Bob Orci tweeted this along with a pic, "whole family, from in front and behind the camera". Our fearless leader (Abrams) stands proud.

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