Bioshock photoshoot

While the BIOSHOCK movie remains in development hell at Universal, a group of Atlanta fans decided to take matters into their own hands. Harrison Krix, a graphic designer and prop maker, spent over 500 hours constructing a Big Daddy suit. It's close to 7' tall, weighs about 60lbs and features an actual working drill. Whoa. Krix partnered with local photographer Matt Nicholson for a photoshoot inside the Georgia Aquarium that gives us an idea at what a live-action version of BIOSHOCK might look like.

I'll include a few samples below but you can head to Krix's site to see the full gallery. Also, if you're interested, the Big Daddy suit is for sale on eBay. It's selling for only $500, which I find hard to believe (I've seen bust replicas that cost almost that much). Now if we could only get Universal and Gore Verbinski on the same page and moving forward with this movie...

Extra Tidbit: "BioShock 2" is scheduled for release on February 10th.
Source: Volpin Props



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