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Bounty Hunter trailer


Oh good, I was hoping I’d be the one who got to write about the trailer to go along with one of the worst movie posters of the year I saw the other day. So how does THE BOUNTY HUNTER look in motion?

After the initial sort-of-hilarity that comes with the concept of a guy getting to haul his ex-wife to jail, the film is everything you’d expect, as it's Aniston and Butler trying to screw each other over while a larger conspiracy plays out around them. Fortunately it’s not so gimmicky as to literally handcuff them together the whole movie as hinted at in the poster, but they might as well be. I wonder if they fall back in love at the end?

Get your head on straight Gerard, don’t blow your chance to be our next great action star with this crap.

Extra Tidbit: LAW ABIDING CITIZEN was vastly underrated.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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