Bousman's Repo! pics

Here’s something I haven’t heard anything about until right now but it looks as though director Darren Lynn Bousman is gearing up for his post-SAW career and things are looking pretty interesting. His new short film, REPO! THE GENETIC MUSICAL, which is currently being screened for special audiences, is also doubling as a pitch for a feature. The sickies at Bloody Disgusting were lucky enough to see the short and found it to be quite the shit, telling tales of “ROCKY HORROR meets PHANTOM OF THE OPERA meets THE CROW.” What good does that do us, you ask? Well, the BD boys also get their paws on some stills from the film, which you can check out by clicking the one below. Oh, and here’s the synopsis for the movie so you know what you’re looking at…

An epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet - killing tens of millions. Panic erupts and scientists feverishly make plans for a massive organ harvest. Out of the tragedy, a savior emerges - GENECO.

A multi-billion dollar biotech company, GeneCo manufactures salvation... for a price: if you can't afford that transplant surgery, don't worry, GeneCo offers easy organ financing. GeneCo's handy payment plans cheat death - for now - but all financed body parts are subject to legal default remedies, including... REPOSSESSION!

For those who can't keep up with their organ payments, collection is the responsibility of ORGAN REPO MEN, skilled assassins contracted by GeneCo - ordered to recover GeneCo's property by any means necessary.

The short film guest stars Shawnee Smith (Saw II, Saw III) and Michael Rooker (Slither).

The Rook? Right on! It hasn’t been explicitly stated that Bousman would definitely direct the feature should it get made but it’s safe to assume he would and that he could get his guest stars back for such a project. Again, click HERE or an the pic to see more at Bloody Disgusting.

Extra Tidbit: Bousman worked as Tara Reid's production assistant on the set of VAN WILDER.



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