Brian Froud says Dark Crystal 2 still coming along

For awhile now, talk has been gathering about a sequel to Jim Henson & Frank Oz's THE DARK CRYSTAL.

Recently, we got a confirmation that badass animator Genndy Tartakovsky (SAMURAI JACK, CLONE WARS) would be directing the sequel. Now Brian Froud, whose artistry was an important and major part of DARK CRYSTAL as well as LABYRINTH spoke to Leicester Square Television about the next installment.

Froud and his wife Wendy have been working on designing for the production as well as talking with Tartakovsky. In the meantime, they promise to deliver some graphic novels. Maybe the graphic novels will provide some information about the sequel.

I wasn't scared of THE DARK CRYSTAL, but everytime I see it I feel like I'm dripping balls. To me, it's one of those films that can never be replicated nor can it be replaced. It should be interesting to see where they take the next film. Whatever happens, I look forward to the new adventures of Jen and Kira...if they bring them back.

To check out the interview, head over here. It's a cool interview, but if you want to get straight to DARK CRYSTAL talk it's about 5 minutes in.

Extra Tidbit: Although there are nine of them, the Skeksis were originally based on the seven deadly sins.



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