Bruce Willis, Gwyneth Paltrow, & Bradley Cooper attached to secret M. Night Shyamalan project

Has faith been lost in M. Night Shyamalan? But will it be restored when THE LAST AIRBENDER is released in nine days?

For some it might take more than just one film...

Well, maybe Shyamalan will bring everyone back to his mysterious world with his next unknown project.

Apparently M. Night is quietly shopping his new script around town, but only a few top studio execs have read the script. Everyone knows by now that the director/writer likes to keep his projects under tight wraps. In fact so tight that an assistant to Shymalan had to supervise while the execs read the script. When they were finished reading the assistant would take the back script and leave.

The only thing that is truly known about the project are the stars loosely attached to star. So far Shymalan has managed to possibly get Bruce Willis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bradley Cooper on board. Willis has already starred in two of Shymalan's films: THE SIXTH SENSE & UNBREAKABLE.

Well, with the plot unknown are the stars "loosely attached" at least enough to earn your interest?

Extra Tidbit: Paltrow quote: “Moviemaking is not supposed to be a masturbatory exercise.”



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