Buffy comic goodness

Buffy This isn't movie news per se but there's a surprising paucity of film news today so this'll have to do for now. TVGuide.com just got their hands on a preview of the new "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8" comic book written by none other than comic writing demigod, former "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" series writer and current "Lost" writer Brian K. Vaughan. The story will be a four-issue arc and focus on Faith, the deliciously rebellious slayer brought to life on the series by brunette hottie Eliza Dushku. Vaughan had this to say on the new issue, which does contain a SPOILER referencing the show's series finale: "I've always felt that Buffy would translate really well to the comic-book medium…some of the girls around the world who now have Slayer powers aren't necessarily good. So when it comes to who will slay a Slayer, Giles turns to Faith. She's the person to go for, as she says, ‘dirty deeds, done cheap." Check out the preview by directing that clicking finger HERE. The new issue goes on sale September 5th.

Extra Tidbit: Drew Goddard, another former "Buffy" writer and also current "Lost" writer will apparently script issues 12 to 15 of the comic.
Source: TVGuide.com



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