Chuck poster madness

Good Luck Chuck This may have been a good poster idea during an all night, red bull-fueled marketing brainstorming session but let's get one thing straight here, nobody wants to see a half-naked Dane Cook straddling Jessica Alba in a creepy parody of a John Lennon and Yoko Ono "Rolling Stone" cover shot. There's plenty of folks who'd like to see Cook in his undies (unfortunate, but true) and goodness knows there's an ungodly amount of people who want to see Alba in her underwear but together, parodying a decidedly creepy Lennon and Ono shot? Not so much. Capisce? In the film, Cook stars as a guy who discovers that women dump him, find the love of their lives and get married immediately after sleeping with him. So, when he falls for Alba's character, all kinds sex-avoiding hilarity ensues. If you dare, check out a high res version of the poster HERE. The film opens September 21st.

Extra Tidbit: Mark Helfrich, the film's director, is a veteran editor who usually edits Brett Ratner's destructive madness but whose credits also include SCARY MOVIE, SHOWGIRLS and PREDATOR.
Source: Cinematical



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